BRO Creation Drums is a family business that creates a family atmosphere and allows a rapid flow of ideas. Our core values are sound quality, creativity and excellent performance.  


To understand the different approach of creating BRO Creation drums, we need to start with vibrations. Everything and everyone vibrates ­ from atoms to the universe. Our brain frequency is tuned on the frequency of the planet. The pulse of the earth (the Schumann Resonance) is identical to human brain and body vibrations – 7.83 Hz. In the modern world there are numerous man­made artificial frequencies used in wireless communication and other devices. These frequencies oppresses natures resonance. This in turn has a negative effect on the earths inhabitants, both people and animals. On the other hand, I highly doubt, that cell phones or other wireless devices will ever disappear from our daily lives. I couldn’t imagine our work here, at Bro Creation, without the efficiency and flexibility these devices provide. Therefore, we all tend to forget that we are responsible for our own environment. It is important to learn how the world works around us and how we can help to sustain or even improve it. Working in harmony with nature at least in some terms, we show that we want to be part of it. We want to learn from the experience of nature and see where it can lead us.


The very first drum set I made was actually made in a garden house in my backyard. It was there that I understood how challenging and at the same time potentially rewarding this could be. Now, Bro Creation Drums are made in a well equipped factory designed specifically for making our drums. Without a doubt, it has taken us a lot of time to get to where we are now, but the rewards we have gained are absolutely priceless! Now we can do what we have always wanted to do – be in charge of creative process and think “'outside the box”'. Of course, at this point in time you won’t find Bro Creation to be a huge, mass producing corporate business with history and recognizable brand. The fact is we don’t strive to turn this family­run business into a huge oversized corporate brand. Not at least any time soon. Instead, we have set our own goals and vision to define what we are and how we aim to sustain our commitment. Our manufacturing process, with a few minor exceptions, excludes the un­natural influence of machinery on our products. In its essance – Wood Vibe Technology was developed specifically to refine the sound of our drums.


BRO Creation Drums where created by brothers Raitis and Reinis. Raitis being a professional drummer and Reinis being a master of woodwork made the perfect match of creating unique sounding drums. Tied by their blood and vision, Raitis and Reinis are confident that only handmade, high quality drums made of varieties of wood creates the blend of craftsmanship and sound that will improve drumming, becoming every drummers choice.



 Bro Creation Drums is a family business that creates a family atmosphere, rapid  flow of ideas, excellent performance and high level of trust. Besides the brothers  it employs the rest of their family and friends. Get on board with Bro Drums by  enjoying its production and reviewing it!